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Steam Bath | 25 minutes: $40
Sweat away harmful toxins in our hydrotherapy cabinet made of natural cedar wood. Essential oils are recommended to enhance this cleansing experience. Blood pressure and heart rate are monitored carefully while you are served cold compresses and water to rehydrate.

Eucalyptus Body Detox | 60 minutes: $85 / 80 minutes: $115
A therapeutic massage with focus on the neck, back, abdomen and feet which stimulates the lymphatic system while a steam bath with eucalyptus essential oil helps to rid the body of harmful cellular debris.

Infrared sauna blanket | 20 minutes: $30 / 45 minutes: $55
Infrared Sauna Blanket is a great detox treatment to add before/after massage. Promotes blood circulation, accelerates metabolism, improves body immunity, and enhances medication and nutrient lead-in and absorption. This treatment is perfect for relieving the stress of sore joints and stiff muscles. A great treatment for rehabilitation therapy patients with shoulder, hip, waist, back, and leg injuries.


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