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Hydrating Body Polish | 50 minutes: $80
Exfoliate with either a refining marine body polish or a hydrating flower and plant formula followed by a nourishing botanical massage with a silky blend of lotion and oils to restore and replenish the skin.

Phyto Fermete (Lifting & Firming) | 75 minutes: $90
A true 'anti-sagging body booster', this treatment stimulates vitality and firms contours with a concentration of high-performance ingredients and targeted techniques. In one hour, this deliciously aromatic treatment provides an unprecedented 'lifting' effect for the entire body, which seems to reshape itself with firmer, denser skin that feels incomparably smooth and soft.

'Walk On Water' Foot Relief | 30 minutes: $45
The ultimate indulgence for over-worked feet craving a lavish reprieve. Enjoy a soak and buff in seaweed-charged green gemstones and sea crystals, then wrapped in thermal mud and nurtured with flower creams and plant ampoules.

'Silky Splendor' Hand Treatment | 30 minutes: $25
Halt the signs of aging, chapping, peeling and roughness. This customized renaissance session is designed to heal and restore beauty to hands, nails and elbows.

Exfoliating Body Polish | 30 minutes: $45
Scrubbing and shaping with a triple concentrate that will hydrate and tone by working together to increase softness and well being.

Hydrate and tone dehydrated skin for a velvety-soft touch. Smooth and soften skin before and after sun exposure.

Vajacial | 45 minutes: $65
A treatment designed for women needing much-needed exfoliation, extraction of ingrown hairs, treatment of hyperpigmentation along with softening and revitalization of your most intimate area. For best results, we recommend scheduling this treatment following a wax.

HydraFacial Booty | 45 minutes: $145
HydraFacial for your booty, also known as HydraBooty! Give your booty some TLC for a hydrated, smoother, and clearer booty! HydraFacial delivers instant and long-lasting results by gently cleansing, exfoliating, and hydrating your booty. It has 3 steps and the treatment takes just 45 minutes.
•Cleanse, extract and exfoliate your butt
•Combats dead skin, acne and uneven skin tone
•Address skin concerns with customized boosters
•Restore your skin health by infusing antioxidants and peptides

HydraFacial uses state-of-the-art patented technology for an instant glow and improves skin health by addressing specific skin concerns arising from frequent exercise, waxing, shaving (ingrown hairs)⁠, or wearing tighter-fitting clothes⁠. HydraFacial involves a process of extracting, exfoliating and hydrating with a skin-specific serum. HydraFacial Booty treats all skin types and a lot of butt-prone skin concerns including breakouts, loss of firmness, dryness, and inflammation. The butt feels hydrated, smooth, and firm after the treatment.

HydraFacial Hands | 45 minutes: $80
HydraFacial hand treatments can be used to treat and diminish a variety of skin imperfections. Improve the texture and appearance of your hands! This treatment is perfect if you have overworked, dry or aging hands. This treatment begins with steam and a cleanse followed by our 3-step Signature HydraFacial, finishing with a hand mask and sunscreen application.


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